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Support Radical Life Extension Research

Support radical life extension research, perhaps. Radical life extension technology would be quite good it seems. Radical life extension could potentially enable humans to live indefinitely. This would be a good technology, possibly. Life can be good, so the ability to enjoy it indefinitely could be good. There are many reasons why more individuals should support the development of this sort of technology.

Of course, no human should be forced to live indefinitely, or even to be living on Earth at all. However, it would be good if humans at least had the option of living indefinitely. Science could enable this to happen, perhaps. Humans should be able to choose between living life on Earth, and leaving this Earth whenever they choose. This does not mean that suicide is right, ethical or moral.

Only by trying will scientists and researchers be able to find out if developing technologies that enable radical life extension are possible. So hopefully more time, energy and resources will be poured into radical life extension research. Successful research can require time, energy, money, patience, creativity and dedication. Researchers attempt to discover cures for diseases because diseases are bad since they kill humans; aging all kills humans, so therefore it is bad, and researchers should attempt to find cures for it.

This is a technology that could perhaps be developed fairly quickly if enough resources are devoted to the proper sorts of research. The SENS Foundation is one organization that is attempting to develop this sort of technology. There may be other groups, individuals, and organizations that are seeking to develop this sort of technology. Hopefully more groups, individuals and organizations will seek to conduct, support and promote research into radical life extension technology.

There are many sorts of potentially useful technologies. Hopefully this sort of technology will be developed sooner, rather than later. Hopefully more young adults will study topics that would enable them to have the right sort of knowledge and skills so that they could conduct this sort of research. Radical life extension technology can potentially be quite revolutionary and good, and hopefully it will gain more support by the groups and individuals that exist on Earth.