Mining has been deactivated. I have publicly posted the numbers here. Over the last week roughly that this site has enabled mining Monero, about 7 million hashes were completed. This is about .1 fiat US Dollars. Since there is no good way to shut this down and just donate that much, I have simply donated 2 dollars to SENS Research Foundation.

I hope that you donate some money to SENS Research Foundation. For now, I will write soon more about activism that can be done to bring about the defeat of aging. More soon!

If you feel like it might be productive, please setup your own site to mine cryptocurrencies for radical life extension research. If you do some creative search engine searches, it is not hard to figure out to mine Monero on your website. One write up about this is available here.

If you shop on Amazon at all, you can go to and by shopping on Amazon Smile, you can have donated to SENS Research Foundation .5% of eligible purchases. Small amounts of money can potentially add up to quite large amounts. We must do what is possible to bring about the defeat of aging.

You can donate US Dollars and Bitcoin directly to SENS Research Foundation. Doing this is highly encouraged!

Scott Everhart is creator of this site. You can support Scott Everhart and his efforts to help hasten the defeat of aging by supporting him on Patreon or by purchasing his short book Radical Life Extension.