The United States Capitol. Washington, D.C.

Call Lawmakers and Ask Them to Help Fund Regenerative Medicine Research

Lawmakers should help humanity to achieve longevity escape velocity by helping to fund related biomedical gerontological research. Law makers are supposed to represent their constituents. If enough Americans want politicians to help defeat aging, then at least in theory, law makers (Senators and Representatives) should help to defeat aging (possibly by funding certain types of biomedical research). Aging is the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth, and politicians and lawmakers should help to hasten the defeat of aging.

Some months ago, I called one of the United States (Federal) Senators who represents me, and I left a voicemail informing them that we (as a society) should defeat aging. I mentioned that he should  please attempt to increase public funding available to organizations like SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, and Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. I also requested that he read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae, and that he do what he can to confront our worst humanitarian crisis, aging.

This call was easy to place. I liked a post on the Senator’s Facebook page; then below the link/post that I liked, appeared an option/link to call my Senator. I tapped the link, and the number appeared on my dial pad. I pressed call and waited while it went to voicemail. I then talked for about 1 or 1.5 minutes, and hung up. If you are in The United States, you can look up the law makers who represent you on online. It is possible that if you call a lawmaker you might reach a live person, if this happens, you can ask them to pass a message related to defeating aging to the lawmaker you are trying to contact. Try to be articulate, polite, and persuasive.

If you call a Federal Senator or Federal Representative, be creative in what you say in your voicemail to them, to try and help onboard them to the idea that aging must be defeated. Be polite and be respectful, of course. So, I encourage you to call your favorite Senator or Representative (law makers who represent you), and inform them what they might be able to do about the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth that is aging. This will likely be in the form of a voicemail. Speak from your heart. Speak Truth to them about aging, and what they might be able to do to help hasten the defeat of aging. Be creative in how you communicate your message. Keep your message brief and to the point. Their phone number should be relatively easy to find with most all Internet search engines and on Look up their official government website, their phone number will most likely be there. Be creative in how you try to educate politicians about the moral imperative to defeat aging, and how you help to hasten the defeat of aging.

If enough people voice their desire to see aging defeated to lawmakers, then real change might happen. Support for defeating aging and the movement to defeat aging is growing in size and momentum. People must understand that defeating aging is both feasible and desirable. Politicians should understand this. Aging should be defeated. Politicians should help to hasten the defeat of aging. Help to educate politicians about this important topic, and be creative in how you help humanity to achieve longevity escape velocity.