close-up view of statue of dragon near ancient temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fable of the Dragon Tyrant, Vitalik Buterin, Twitter, and SENS Research Foundation

Greetings. Vitalik links to Fable of the Dragon Tyrant directly in his Twitter profile it seems. Awesome! that fable has a moral that can relate to aging/healthspan potentially.

Is his top pinned Tweet, he also tries (unsuccessfully) to link to (@)SENSTweet (SENS Research Foundation).

(@)senstweet is the correct link. What you link to for SENS is wrong Twitter handle. I hope Vitalik might notice and fix that to help educate humans about radical life extension.
Vitalik has a lot of social influence due to Ethereum and he is really doing all humans a favor by helping to educate humanity about the potential of longevity escape velocity and rejuvenation research. He was recently on a cast with Aubrey de Grey as some of you might know.

So, please maybe Vitalik might notice if some of us (more than just me), Tweet to him on Twitter and note how much we appreciate all he does for longevity/healthspan research, and also suggest he perhaps fix the link to (@)SENStweet so more humans can be educated about and onboarded to the idea of healthspan/longevity research more effectively.

Cheers and serenity.