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Can Produce a Significant Amount of Fundraising?

Can produce a significant amount of fundraising? This is a legitimate question.

This site uses¬†¬†which hooks into the WordPress plugin “WP Monero Miner using Coin Hive” to mine Monero. Coin Hive has a current payout 0.0001485 XMR per one million hashes. I’ve found that a low to mid range computer will do about 20 hashes per second using browser based Monero mining scripts. So the math is fairly simple. One XMR is goes for about 92 US Dollars today. So, basically, you need a rather significant number of miners to have this produce a significant amount of money for regenerative medicine research. So, eventually, might be able to produce a significant amount of research funding when enough people are on board, and hopefully public support for the defeat of aging will grow exponentially. If nothing else, this can serve as a proof of concept, and maybe even more.

Please do use your extra money to donate to SENS Research Foundation, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, or Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. Please use this site only in addition to whatever other efforts you engage in to help hasten the defeat of aging.