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Towards Achieving Longevity Escape Velocity

Longevity escape velocity is a theoretical scientific achievement; longevity escape velocity is the point at which the average human lifespan is being increased at a rate of at least one year every year. We should attempt to achieve longevity escape velocity. Once longevity escape velocity is achieved, then aging will be defeated. There are many reasons why it will be good to see aging defeated. Aging is the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth. Aging ends about 100,000 lives each day. Longevity escape velocity should be achieved. Aging is tragic.

Read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey. Donate money to SENS Research Foundation. SENS Research Foundation is an organization attempting to defeat aging. Life Extension Advocacy Foundation is also an organization worth learning about.

Some will state that defeating aging is a bad idea because then overpopulation will become a worse problem. However, individuals who state such ideas do not take into account technological progress that can overcome these potential problems. Elon Musk has stated that he is trying to help humanity to colonize Mars.

Request to politicians that they help to hasten the defeat of aging. Politicians can fund research related to defeating aging by allocating government research money. Politicians can legally classify aging as a potentially treatable disease, and thereby possibly help propel research forward in relation to defeating aging.

Aging should definitely be defeated. However, whether or not it is necessary to classify aging as a potentially treatable disease is uncertain. Regardless, achieving longevity escape velocity is a worthwhile goal to strive towards.

Please do what you can to help hasten the defeat of aging. Tweet to politicians about defeating aging. Email politicians. Call politicians. In socially appropriate ways, discuss defeating aging with your family and friends. Be creative in how you help to hasten the defeat of aging.

Help individuals to overcome pro-aging mindsets. Once enough individuals want to see aging defeated, and take definite actions towards hastening the defeat of aging, then aging may be defeated in a relatively efficient way.